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“Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool

It’s often said that The Beatles had an ongoing joke about John Lennon’s songwriting abilities. Telling the story, Paul McCartney says, “John would be getting an extension on his house or something, and the joke used to be, ‘Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool.’

It is with this that you can see the immense capabilities of great writing. An insanely powerful tool for influence and business.

You know it when you see it. From the very first word everything seems to resonate with you. Everything starts to click together. The rest of the world goes silent. It is only when you have devoured the last word that you are propelled back into reality with a new look on life.

People are so moved by the piece that it is shared between friends and the author immediately becomes a hugely respected figure in their field. In business this will lead to more sales and being positioned as the expert. There’s really nothing else out there that can claim the same rewards as good writing.

It is this kind of work that brings disproportionate results. You really are writing a swimming pool.

And this is what I want to do for you.

Let's write you some pools.

Don’t pay until you see results.

A principle that cannot be ignored

After finding this out everything became so clear. It will for you, too.

I had a huge awakening the other day. I found something called the 80/20 rule (Pareto principle). The rule states that 20% of your efforts bring back 80% of the results e.g. 20% of your clients generate 80% of your revenue and equally 20% of your clients make 80% of your complaints etc. In fact, rule is applicable to everything.

Once you realise this, it opens a huge amount of doors- by shutting most off.

By focussing on the tasks or products that generate the most results in your business and either delegating the rest of leaving them off completely, your business will grow- massively.

This is why web design and great copy is so important.

Both fall within the same marketing brackets as SEO, PPC advertising, webinars, blogs, Facebook ads etc. However, as stated in the rule, 20% of these tactics will bring 80% of your results.

If you’re spending tons of money on paid ads and driving them to a dated website with downright awful copy, then your ads are useless. But if you’ve got a solid, presentable website, filled with persuasive copy that really scratches the itch of your clients frustrations, then you can spend less money on getting the traffic there as your conversions will massively increase.

You really can’t afford to ignore this law.

Save your efforts and gain maximum returns.

Don’t pay until you see results.