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Interview anxiety: The curse of needing to succeed

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Like a nightmare scene from a movie, my words seemed to run off into the night, hopping off into the distance, laughing and joking as they went around the corner of the dark country lane, out of site, whilst I stood there unable to move and catch them up.

This is a perfect description of me at a recent job interview.

I have myself down as a fairly confident guy. I think things can be resolved without any conflict and still be beneficial to both parties. I try to avoid it at all costs; I’ll do almost anything else.

Apart from interviews it seems. I’m a crumbling mess. I know that everyone has their weak points when it comes to nerves e.g. talking in front of groups, or even talking one on one, or performing on stage, but I actually went weird. Visibly uncomfortable, not just for me, but for everyone. Like when your mate has their first ever sip of alcohol and then runs around doing weird things and has everyone else looking at each other in confusion. That is me in an interview.

Honestly, I was half way through an answer when I reached the end of my words, not the end of my answer, just the end of my words. It started to fizzle out and I gave a long ‘ermmm’ and then my brain just would not give me the words. So I gave a nervous laugh. Nope, that didn’t bring me the words either. At this point the three interviewers were staring at me in silence with eyes that read ‘is he okay?’ and I had been trying to think of words for so long that I had now forgotten the question. Disaster. I knew it was like the Devil’s Snare on Harry Potter and the more I fought it the more I’d get stuck, but it’s hard to compose yourself when the only thing you are thinking about it how fast you can run out the room and out of the building.

I decided the look them in their eyes, apologise that the nerves had crept up on me and bitten my Achilles heel, and asked them to proceed with a new question.


That’s how I wanted to answer every other subsequent question.


The question I was asking myself all the way home and some. I should have been able to walk into that job. What I actually did was metaphorically walk into the job, pick up the managers papers throw them in the air and walk out. Nothing too bad, but causes complete confusion and has everyone questioning reality for a while.

At this moment in time I don’t have any advice on how to prevent this. If you have any for me, hit me up. I will also keep looking for an answer myself and update this article. 

For now, keep on trying- I guess.

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