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Hey, I’m Samuel Hunter, a freelance WordPress website designer and copywriter in London.

My path to creating WordPress websites and copywriting has been straight forward. I have always thought of myself as an entrepreneur, coming up with ideas and seeing if I could release them to the world.

9 times out of 10 my ideas flopped, usually due to lack of funding, often due to terrible ideas- but each time I tried I’d master copywriting and WordPress website design no matter what idea it was.

Now I’ve focused my energy on mastering WordPress website creation and copywriting; I have been able to help people showcase their photography portfolio, start an eCommerce store and even create a ticketed event system.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to grow, I will be able to fully understand your ideas and bring them to fruition. Get in touch today to discuss.

One thing is stopping your prospects buying from you now.

Get it right and see them queuing outside your door.

Let me introduce myself

About me

Recently moved to London, I am a freelance copywriter and WordPress web designer. With my experience, I have the ability to step back and look at your business and truthfully help you. I'm here to give you more freedom in the hope that you will refer me to your peers. No one started a business to get completely bogged down by the gut-wrenching feeling that it may collapse at any point. If you want to find the ladder back up to the surface that you've been looking for for so long. Here it is

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